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Well done to all Radford members who competed in this years mens Nationals. You did your club really proud. An extra special well done to Max Lewis who came home with a 4th place trophy in class 8, well done all :-)
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Radford are running an extra race meeting on 10th July 1030am start, all very welcome, no league or club points but just a nice chilled out days racing for everyone!
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MAP league national allocations are as follows:

Class 1 - 2 plus 12JT
Class 2 - 2
Class 3 - 3
Class 4 - 3
Class 5 - 2 plus 6JT
Class 6 - 2
Class 7 - 3 plus 8JT
Class 8 - 3
Class 9 - 2
Class 10 - 3 plus 11JT
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The MAP league are proud to be hosting the MAP Open incorporating the Race of
Champions and British Junior Championship in 2016 (4th & 5th June) and we welcome all drivers and spectators.

We at the MAP league are very much looking forward to another successful year to continue on from last years excellent meeting. The British Junior Championships will be incorporated into the weekend event as it has been for many years, we are also excited to be incorporating the new Race of Champions races also, this will see the 2015 Men's and Ladies Champions of the National, BAS and UKAC racing in Champion of Champion style races the winner of the men's and the ladies will win £250 towards their charity of choice. The format for these races will be confirmed closer to the event and once we have an idea of those champions wishing to take part.

John Wilkin Raceway (formerly Dodwell Raceway), Dodwell Farm, B439 Evesham Road, Straftord upon Avon, CV37 9SY. (Please do not travel through the village of Binton, anyone reported as doing so will be asked to leave the site)

Opening Times:
The gates will be opening to everyone at 6am on Friday 3rd June and will close at 10am Monday 6th June. No-one will be admitted to the venue prior to this time with the exception of officials. Please do not queue on the road prior to gates opening, this is a busy road with vehicles travelling at speed.
Alternative camping can be arranged with the following:
Stratford Racecourse (who are happy to accept large lorries/buses etc) - Tel: 01798 201063 website: www.stratfordtouringpark.com
Dodwell Caravan Park - Tel: 01789 204957 website: www.dodwellpark.co.uk

Admission Fees are:
Adults/Junior and OAP drivers - £10 per day (Saturday and Sunday) 12-16 year olds (non drivers) - £5 per day
Concessions - £5 per day
Under 12s - Free
Camping will be £10 per unit

Signing on fee for non league members of £5 per driver payable at signing on, to cover the costs of medical crew and doctor.
Wrist bands will be given to all paying to come on to the venue, these must be worn to sign on, anyone without their wrist band fixed to their wrist will be asked to pay again or unable to sign on to race, so please look after your wrist band and put it on as soon as you enter the site.
All campers/caravans will be subject to random searches and any found concealing people will be asked to leave the venue immediately.

Scrutineering / Signing On
Due to the noise restrictions set by the local council there must be NO engines running after 10pm any night and before 8am any morning.
Scrutineering - Friday 3pm - 9pm Saturday 8am - 8.30am
Signing on - Friday 3pm - 9pm Saturday 8am - 8.45am

As soon as you have completed your second heat please sign on for Sunday's racing.

As mentioned above a signing on fee of £5 per person for non league members is payable when you sign on Friday evening/Saturday morning, this money cover the cost of the medical crew.

We encourage all drivers to Scrutineer Friday evening where possible as time will be limited on Saturday morning. Class 1 drivers will be called to the holding lanes prior to the drivers meeting on Saturday morning so please be ready, racing will start at 9am prompt.

Racing Order will be: Men's 1, 2, Junior Specials, 3, 5, 7, 9, Junior Saloons, 4, 6, 8, 10, Ladies 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. This is subject to change particularly with the second set of heats in order for us to accommodate our noise restrictions.

Breathalysers: please be aware random breath tests will be carried out through out the weekend with the inclusion on Friday afternoon/evening during Scrutineering.

Please camp within the lines set out, leaving clear access between the lines for emergency
services should it be needed. Anyone blocking these access lanes will be asked to move.
A selection of trade stands will be available throughout the weekend along with our popular food vendors provided by Dodwells and bar from Elite Bars.
All sponsors are invited to our hospitality unit which will be available from Midday on Saturday and Sunday.
Please keep an eye on Evesham and Radford's Facebook and Web pages for updates. We look forward to seeing you there.
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Unfortunately due to our lovely British weather Radford have had to cancel their meeting on Sunday 10th April, we hope to see you at our next race meeting on 8th May !
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Charity Race of Champions

To be hosted by the MAP League at the
prestigious 2016 MAP Open
(incorporating the British Junior

2016 MAP Open 4th & 5th June held at the John Wilkin Raceway formerly known as Dodwell raceway
(CV37 9SY).
Racing will start at 9am prompt on both days (one meeting over two days) including class racing for
Classes 1 - 10 in men's and ladies, junior saloons and junior specials.
We at the MAP League are aware of the importance to support local and national charities and this
year have decided to do our bit in a slightly different way. This will incorporate some exciting racing
both for the drivers and spectators.
A Race of Champions race will be held with the 2015 title champions invited to race both in men's and
ladies classes. This will see the class champions from the Nationals, BAS and UKAC race in out in a
champion of champion style title shoot out race.
Qualifier races will be run to give the cars that will compete in the final (format to be finalised) with a
donation of £250 given to the charity of choice for both the winner of the men's and ladies races. Full MAP Open details to follow including gate fees, site opening etc.
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