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Radford Perpetual Awards.

Many of our perpetual trophies have been presented in memory of prominent past members. It is difficult to do them all justice, but here is a brief summary of some of the late great members who were much loved and did so much for the club.

End of season Trophies

George Sabin - was the club’s President from its’ origin until his death in 1982. He was a garage proprietor in Astwood Bank and supported the club in every way he could. He regularly marshalled at race meetings and hardly ever missed a club or committee meeting. His memorial shield is presented to the club member who attains the most club and league points over a season.

Harry Badger - was one of the club’s founder members .He raced R115. He worked tirelessly for the club, managing Pits Control single handed for many years, he held the positions of President, Vice Chairman and Chairman and was instrumental in the formation of the MAP League i n 1977, prior to that date, Radford was a member of the West Midland League.

Mrs Dorothy Kennedy - gave the Kennedy Trophy. She was another stalwart of the club. She was an original member and ran the raffle at all race meetings, raising important revenue. She supported the club right into her nineties until she died in 2008.The Kennedy Trophy was originally for the most travelled member, but as fuel became more expensive and members travelled less, it was changed to an award for the Up and Coming member.

S & S Catering Trophy - was presented by Brian Dyson to the champion man. He was the proprietor of the S & S Catering Company. He attended race meetings in the ‘70’s and 80’s providing refreshment facilities.

The Monkwood Tray - is awarded to the champion lady. It was given by Mrs Mary Turner, owner of Monkwood Farm, Hanbury. This was Radford’s prestigious venue in the 1970’ and ‘80’s and hosted both Men’s and Ladies Nationals.

Christine Waterhouse - was an enthusiastic member of the Radford Club. Her trophy is won by the Radford member gaining the most points on the home track. Christine regularly raced with the ladies in the 1970’s and ‘80’s until her daughter Donna came onto the scene. She was grandmother to Lewis (R302) and Kieran (R515)

The Little Billy Shield - was donated by Paul Waldron in memory of his friend William Smith. Like most of our other heroes, Billy had been involved with autograss racing since the start of the “Jalopy” days. He was originally a West Midland League supporter, but became a very good friend to Paul and his family when he moved to Worcester in the 1980’s, and as is inscribed on the trophy, he was a little man with a big heart. This award is presented to the junior track champion.

Fun Day Trophies

Club Day/Fun Day was originally the last race meeting of each season. It is no longer possible to use the original format for racing as the races used to be over 20 to 25 laps and drivers were prepared to race until they either ran out of fuel or the cars were destroyed. The engines are not designed to withstand such long races now and are much more sophisticated and expensive than those carefree early Jalopy days.

The club has a large number of perpetual trophies which were first presented in the 1960’s and 70’s by some of the early members.

The Croft Rollover Trophy - was presented by Mike Croft, an early member.

The Edwin Jeff’s Trophy - was presented in memory of a youngster from Inkberrow who as an ardent fan of the racing in the’60’s, until illness resulted in his untimely death. This trophy is now a class one perpetual award.

The Andrew Fernihough Trophy - was presented by Aubrey in memory of his son Andrew who drove R666 and died after a short illness in 1990. This now goes to the class three winner.

R45 Barn Service Station Trophy - was presented by Roger Gee, a former class one imp and small class special driver. Three houses now occupy the site of the former garage. The cafe at the garage was the original venue for club committee meetings. This is no a class eight trophy in recognition of the cars Roger used to race.

R71 Trophy - was presented by Alan Lewis, father of Dan and Max and a very successful class 4 and 5 driver and National Champion in 1989. The class five winner will be awarded this perpetual award.

Charles Badger memorial trophy - was presented by Harry in memory of his late father and this is now attached to class four.

Robert Harris trophy - was presented by an early club member. This is now a class two trophy.

R208 Trophy - was presented by Martin “Hoss” Fernihough, one of the club’s originals and successful big class special driver. The trophy is made from a broken con rod and piston from one of his engines. His cars were always loud and spectacular and it only seemed appropriate to give this to the class ten winner.

Phil Rogers and Ron Skinner Trophy - Phil was a founder member and the first club chairman, while Ron was the owner of the scrap yard in Radford which was the source of many spare parts for engines. This is now a class nine trophy.

The J.Kings Trophy - was presented by Dave Kings in memory of his late father and the class six winner receives this award.

The Smith Boys Trophy - was for ladies racing and was presented by Bill Smith for his sons Andrew and Jamie. Bill never raced himself, but the boys had one of the original junior specials which was a little self built car powered by a Triumph motorbike engine. They raced around the track with their friend Andrew Davis (of S E Davis) during the intervals. Bill loved recording all the club points and results. He produced regular newsletters and programmes and was always willing to help with the practicalities of track building and maintenance. This is now for class one ladies, just as Bill would have wanted.

Booth Sisters Trophy - was a ladies trophy presented by Ted Booth for his daughters. Ted was an early club official – usually on the finish line. The class five lady champion now wins this award

Ryder Family Trophy - was presented by John and Kate’s family for ladies racing. Kate often drove John’s class seven so the shield is now attached to that class.

R33 Champion of champions trophy - was presented by Mick Caldicot and Greg Healey who shared mini in the 70’s

Survivors Trophy - was presented by Mary and Alec Fernihough, landowners of Grove Farm (an early race track venue) and parents of the Fernihough family, most of whom have raced at some time in the club’s history. Mrs Fernihough hosted club committee meetings for very many years. It is said that this trophy was one which Alec won for boxing, many many years ago. It has now been given to the top class seven man

Reliability Trophy - was presented by Marg (previous club secretary) and Dave Kings. This trophy was awarded to the car completing the most laps on club day. This used to be in excess of 100 laps in the early days. It has now been awarded to the car which completes the most heats throughout the season at Radford meetings. This includes men’s, ladies, juniors and open races.

The Phil Rogers Memorial trophy - This was presented following his death. He was a founder and lifelong member of the club. Phil Rogers Jnr and Arthur Rogers still like to be involved with the sport. Phil Seniors number was R116D and his number is never to be issued out to anyone, this included Phil Jnr when he wanted it.

Jane & Martin Adams R12 Trophy – This is presented for the car considered to be the best turned out car and done well all season. This car is one where the owner has looked after their car by themselves, for example not a production car like Bennett Built, GB Engineering e.t.c.

While we endeavour to make sure that all information is correct regarding Perpetual awards within Radford Club, we know mistakes and omissions can happen. We do apologise if any information specified here is incorrect or has been missed out. If this is the case then please don’t hesitate to contact Radford Club, where contact information can be found on our “Contact Us” page.




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